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  I started my  store 9 years ago because I was tired of buying factory scan tools from people who knew little about them.

    If you are going to invest several thousand dollars in a scan tool, don't you think you should get some unbiased advice from someone who uses it to make sure what you purchase actually meets your needs.

  I fully explain the tool choices you are interested in buying to make sure it is the best choice for your business.

  My reputation is important to me.

   My honesty is reflected in my feedback of my Ebay store AAA Automotive Diagnostic Solutions as well as on 

 I feel real frustration when other sellers care mainly about making money and don't care about what they sell you.
(Especially if they know selling something obsolete is not a good choice to sell the customer but it's good money.) 

  A good example of this is anyone who sells a Chrysler Starscan scan tool. Really obsolete but hey, there are people who still sell them.

If you want to test a reseller of tools, just see if they will
sell you one of these without warning you of the  problems.

  All I ask of you is to understand I don't want to get involved with any purchase
 that you might not be happy with.

 That's why I don't like to deal in used tools. 

  I will not sell you a scan tool that I think is a bad choice for you. 

  I enjoy talking with customers to help them make the best possible choices for their shop. (That's why I won't sell directly off of this website.) 

  I have been a Master car mechanic for 39 years and I have specialized in diagnostics and programming for the last 10 years.  

  I am ASE master recertified, L1 recertified and Hybrid certified.

I no longer wrench on cars and have started my own mobile programming
business. I use all my factory scan tools for this.

I also post real programming problems I experience in my mobile Programming business in my blog.

I have a page with quick links for Ford, GM and Chrysler calibration
look up charts to see if a car needs a programming update.

I created these links for my local customers to quickly check
cars in for diagnostic service to increase sales for them .
You are welcome to use them as well.

  You are not just dealing with a businessman trying to sell you 
something and make some quick $$$.

  The factory scan tool is a resource that levels the playing field when diagnosing a problem. Data and special tests are quickly available and accurate.

  Its results can be trusted 99.9% of the time and time is exactly what you waste if you can't be sure the data you are getting is accurate or you just can't get the data at all.

  You can't blame aftermarket scan tool manufacturers for trying to supply a tool to people in need.

  It's just that in this age of complex computer systems, only OEM scan tools will be able to fully access and get data and tests necessary to determine what path to take in diagnostics. 

  Thankx, Ray

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